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Pontiac is the county seat of Livingston County. Pontiac has become a popular visitor destination, as well as a place to settle down. Pontiac has a rich history, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn about it with museums, exhibits, and historic sites. Despite its growing size, Pontiac maintains small town hospitality, especially with its many locally owned stores to shop at and places to eat. Beyond all of that, there's still plenty of things to regularly do thanks to local entertainment options.

Flanagan is a village in Livingston County, located just west of Pontiac. Flanagan is a great place to raise a family thanks to its affordable housing and its small town sense of community, as well as its location. Flanagan is located just off of I-55 and I-39 along Route 116, making anything you need within driving distance. Before you drive too far, though, Flanagan is already home to plenty of amenities you might need.

Dwight is a village located in Livingston County, though a small portion is in Grundy County. Dwight's old fashioned atmosphere and friendly residents make it a great place to live. Dwight is home to many historical landmarks to explore, restaurants to enjoy a meal in, businesses to shop in, and places to have fun.

Fairbury is a city in Livingston County, probably most well known for the American Legion Speedway. Fairbury has a lot more to offer though, by way of places to shop, eat, and just generally spend the day. Between their golf course, farms, museums, and local shopping, there really is something for everyone in this town.

Forrest is a village in Livingston County, located just east of Fairbury. Historically, Forrest was based around the railroad and it takes a lot of pride in that fact. In town, you can find many sites dedicated to this history, including the Northwest Caboose, the Forrest Community Railroad park, and the Forrest Depot. Forrest is a little town with a lot of charm.

Odell is a village in Livingston County, neighboring Pontiac just down Historic Route 66. Being just outside of Pontiac allows for all of the conveniences that Pontiac has to offer within a drivable distance, while remaining in a rural setting. It really is a laid back little town.

Cornell is a village in Livingston County. Cornell is the smallest town on this list, but the small town hospitality really comes alive here. It's the kind of town where everyone knows everyone which makes it a great location for settling down. Especially since anything you might need is within a drivable distance.