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Real Estate Goes Tech

by Terry Sullivan - Lyons-Sullivan Realty

If you’ve bought or sold a home in the last ten years, chances are technology played a part in your transaction.

Did you:

  • search for homes to buy online at or at your real estate agent’s website?
  • search for homes similar to the house you were selling to compare listing prices?
  • apply for a home loan through an online service or through your lending institution online?
  • use Google or YouTube to learn how to fix or improve something on your current or future property?

Today, technology permeates every part of our lives, real estate included. We’ve found several cutting edge developments in the world of real estate.

In Ames, Iowa, two pilot-real estate agents applied for and received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones in their business. As one owner explained, they can use the unmanned planes to show a bird’s-eye view of a home, including surrounding homes and amenities. Click here to see the whole story.

AddressReport is an online service similar to Car Fax for auto buyers. AddressReport provides demographic as well as specific information about any house or neighborhood. Among the long list of facts included, you will learn what percentage of households in the area have children and what the median income and age of home owners is. For additional fees, you can receive more information about the properties you are researching.

According to their website, “Floored is an interactive solution to touring a space before it is repositioned or even built. Using a browser or mobile device, you can freely explore any part of a space in a Floored-powered virtual experience.” In the future, this technology will be huge for anyone looking to build and wanting to see what the finished product will be before any concrete is poured or walls are built.

And finally, for the real estate investor, comes a rash of Crowdfunding opportunities via companies like Selequity and Acquire Real Estate.  “Acquire Real Estate allows accredited investors to own pre-screened, institutional quality real estate properties through crowdfunding.“ The Selequity website explains, “We use technology to give customers access to select investment opportunities. We’ve proven our leadership in commercial real estate services, and now we bring that experience to the emerging practice of internet-based commercial real estate offerings…” Basically, you can take a $10,000 investment, choose a property on one of these sites and purchase it along with a group of other investors.

Closer to home, Lyons-Sullivan Realty is an area leader in online presence. Take a moment to browse our website and see how your Lyons-Sullivan Realty professionals can help you find your dream home today.

Good Bones

by Terry Sullivan - Lyons-Sullivan Realty

During your new-home search, you might hear your Lyons-Sullivan Realty professional or, later on, your home inspector, talk about a house having “good bones.” Obviously, homes don’t have bones, and the structure they do have is behind walls and insulation, roofing shingles and drywall. So how, you may wonder, can these experts determine the status of the insides of the house you are buying or selling?

Solid foundation

"Homes built on a good foundation feel solid."

Homes built on a good foundation feel solid. Whether they have a basement or stand on a slab, the foundation makes a huge difference in the longevity of a home, in the appearance of the outer and inner walls, and even in the (lack) of slope of the floors. The trained eye can recognize the state of the foundation from walking the perimeter of the house and from heading to the basement to check out the exposed walls.

Constructed with thought

Today, developers often speak of “quality construction.” Understanding what quality construction actually means goes a long way in helping you choose a quality home. Watch for cracks in the walls, sloping floors, saggy floor boards and droopy ceilings. Quality construction shines through, years after the builders are gone and the carpet is out of style.

Strong studs

In decades past, the lumber used to frame a house came from old-growth forests and the trees within them. These trees yielding extremely hard wood, perfect for construction “good, solid bones” in a house. Today, those old-grown forests are gone, and the trees used for building lumber are younger and not as strong. The housing industry still requires a certain strength and quality to this lumber, but often you will hear real estate professionals refer to the good quality of lumber used to build an older home.


The size of the rooms in a home can also contribute to a home’s bones. If the rooms are sized proportionately to the overall square footage in the house as well as to the other rooms, the house will feel balanced. Normally, this is not something you need to figure out mathematically, As a buyer, you will simply notice that the rooms are a good size - not too big or too small or that the ceilings are a good height. 

The roof over your head

Your Lyons-Sullivan Realty agent thinks about anything that needs to be maintained, upgraded or changed in a home. The roof, siding, gutters, windows and even the electrical and plumbing can be a huge expense for a new homeowner. The bones of the home, in this case, can be seen in what the previous owners have replaced and repaired, upgraded and maintained.

When wondering about the bones of your home or a house you are interested in viewing, contact your Lyons-Sullivan Realty real estate professional. We can help!

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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